Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida CD/DVD set

  • Recorded early 2013 at the Jean & Paul Amos Performance Studio
    in Pensacola, Florida, this CD/DVD set contains 17 tracks of
    Tommy exactly how you want him: live, solo and acoustic!

    This self-produced title includes old and new favorites on one
    CD and one DVD. Bonus "hands only" angle for select tracks
    on the DVD

    DVD is formatted for ALL regions! (PAL and NTSC!)

    Tracklist: (same for CD and DVD)

    - El Vaquero*
    - Hope Street
    - The Bug*
    - Traveling Clothes
    - Endless Road
    - Countrywide*
    - Dixie McGuire
    - Waltzing Matilda*
    - Miyazaki's Dream
    - Windy and Warm
    - Secret Love
    - Blood Brother
    - Angelina
    - The Duke
    - The Trails
    - Drums
    - The TE Ranch*
    *bonus, "hands-only" camera angle available for these tracks

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